• Australian Connected Consumers Report | 2014
    Australian Connected Consumers Report | 2014

    For 16 years we have published an annual study of Australians’ online behaviours, keeping pace with their changing habits and preferences. We continue to follow the rise, and rise of online media as it further infiltrates consumers’ lives and integrates into their world. The Australian Connected Consumers Report allows you to see how trends have changed and forecasts what’s around the corner – so we can help you capture and maximise the opportunities of this new connected world.

    Consumers’ media habits have evolved dramatically. Technology, online conversations and new devices have all interrupted our old ways of finding consumers. More than ever we need a clear view of what is happening today and the implications for the coming years.

    That’s where Nielsen’s Australian Connected Consumer Report comes in.

    Now in its 16th year we’ve been capturing and interpreting these trends for clients unlike anyone else. Companies large and small rely on us to help them understand the new digital landscape and help them finesse their strategies for today’s connected consumer.

    This report provides an understanding of your own business’ consumers, which will feed straight into your 2014 media, marketing and distribution strategies.

    This year we dedicate a chapter to Online Retail and ramp up our focus on internet TV and social TV.


    Executive Summary

    Study Aims, Background and Sample

    • Study Aims
    • Overall Approach and Methodology

    Australia Online Context and Background

    • The Online Market

    Consumer Technology

    • Consumer Technology: The Big Trends and Take-Aways
    • Technology in the Home
    • Technology in the Home: Forecast for 2014
    • The Mobile Phone Market
    • Smartphone handset
    • Methods of Visiting Online Content / Websites on a Mobile Phone
    • Tablet Computers: Brand Ownership and Consideration
    • Mobile Apps (Applications)
    • Games Console Ownership

    The Online User Environment and Patterns of Behaviour

    • The Online User Environment and Patterns of Behaviour: The Big Trends and Takeaways
    • General Online Usage Trends
    • Environment of Internet Access
    • Devices Used to Access the Internet
    • Number of Devices and Locations for Regular Online Access
    • Devices Used to Access the Internet: By Time of Day
    • Type of Internet Access by Tablets and Mobile Phones

    Cross Media and Cross Screen Behaviour

    • Cross Media and Cross Screen Behaviour: The Big Trends and Take-Aways
    • General Media Consumption Trends
    • Online Consumers and the Ways They Watch Television
    • Internet TV Viewing
    • Consumption of Media, Device and Online Content by Time of Day
    • Media Preferences
    • Simultaneous Media Consumption – Internet & TV

    Online Activities, Services & Content

    • Online Activities, Services & Content: The Big Trends and Take-Aways
    • Australians’ Online Activities In 2013
    • Communication and Connection
    • The Role of Devices
    • Communication and Connection
    • Information Seeking
    • Finance
    • Brand Engagement
    • Entertainment and Rich Media
    • Posting, Uploading and Sharing
    • Paying For Online Content
    • Focus On Devices Used For Online Activities

    Online Retail

    • Online Retail: The Big Trends and Take-aways
    • Incidence of Online Shopping and Transactions
    • Online-offline Retail Habits
    • Online Shopping – Browsing and Buying
    • Items Purchased Online in Past Six Months
    • Online Expenditure
    • Online Retailers
    • Focus on Online Food/grocery Shoppers
    • Local vs. Off-shore Online Purchasing
    • Connected Devices Used for Online Shopping
    • Time of Day Analysis – Online Shopping
    • Motivations to Purchase Online

    Focus On Social Media

    • Social Media: The Big Trends and Take-Aways
    • Conduct of Social Media Activities
    • Social Media Brands
    • Online Social Networking
    • Social TV

    Online Advertising

    • Online Advertising: The Big Trends and Take-Aways
    • Online Advertising Expenditure - State of the Market
    • Mobile Advertising
    • Behaviours and Attitudes Toward Online Advertising

    Online, Consumer, 2014

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  • Nielsen Global Ageing Report | February 2014
    Nielsen Global Ageing Report | February 2014

    The world’s population is getting older and many consumers say the world isn’t prepared for the shift. According to the World Health Organisation, 2 billion people will be at least 60 years old by 2050, which raises questions and concerns for consumers as well as industries.

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  • Global Consumer Confidence and Spending Intentions | Q4 2013
    Global Consumer Confidence and Spending Intentions | Q4 2013

    Global consumer confidence held steady with an index of 94 for three consecutive quarters, ending 2013 one point higher than it started (Q1 2013) and three points higher than the same time period the previous year (Q4 2012), according to consumer confidence findings from Nielsen.

    The Nielsen consumer confidence index measures perceptions of local job prospects, personal finances and immediate spending intentions.

    Fast-Moving Consumer Goods & Retail, Financial Services, 2013

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  • Australian Online Landscape Review | February 2014
    Australian Online Landscape Review | February 2014

    In this February 2014 edition of the Nielsen's Online Landscape Review, Nielsen provides you with the latest consumer trends in the online world. Key highlights from this month's edition are:

    • Time online consuming video content during the month increased by 13 minutes per active user
    • The average online Australian spent 37 hours browsing web content including video, with an average of 60 sessions in the month
    • Mobile page impressions dropped from January's record-level mobile traffic, but remained high
    • Desktop consumption of broadcast media increased by 36% from January
    • Tablets are now in half of connected Australians homes and are anticipated to be more common than laptops by the end of 2016

    Additionally this month, we investigate Sports and Broadcast Media categories, to see the key movers and shakers in these spaces.

    Media, Telecom, Online, 2014

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Media and Entertainment

  • Nielsen Top Advertisers Report | March 2014
    Nielsen Top Advertisers Report | March 2014

    The Nielsen Top Media Advertisers Report gives you a comprehensive insight into the overall performance of the advertising industry for calender year 2013, compared to previous years. Across 10 main media sectors, major media industries and key players, this report reveals past trends and identifies future opportunities to help you get ahead of the curve in this competitive and dynamic playing field.

    Click here to see the report executive summary and table of contents. 

    Media, Advertising, Spend, Online

    AUD$6,600.00 (including GST)

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