• Australian Connected Consumers Report | 2015

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    Today, online Australians are engaging with over 23 hours per week of digital media content. That’s more than three working days per week! 

    Your consumers live in a world where their media and information sources are available on-demand and at their fingertips; they are increasingly gravitating toward anytime, anywhere consumption of media content. A plethora of connected screens, devices and platforms is providing more opportunities than ever to connect the consumer with your brand – but, it’s a competitive playing field. 

    The consumer does not stand still in today’s landscape and neither should you.

    The Nielsen Australian Connected Consumers Report 2015 is a one-of-a-kind industry tool to guide your business’ marketing and media strategy in alignment with today’s connected consumers. The comprehensive insights and data sets provide your business with a unique ability to identify core audience segments and deep-dive into their device and cross-platform content consumption, purchase behaviours and influences, and the way they interact with brands. 

    Having more than 17 years of historical data from the annual Nielsen Australian Connected Consumers report allows you to see how trends have changed as well as forecast what’s around the corner—so you can capture and maximise the opportunities of this increasingly connected consumer.


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