• In And Out Of Home - Australian Connected Consumers Report 2017

    AUD $2,200.00 (including GST)



    The Nielsen Australian Connected Consumers Report is a one-of-a-kind industry tool to guide your business' marketing and media strategy in alignment with today's connected consumers. The comprehensive insights and data sets provide your business with a unique ability to identify core audience segments and deep-dive into their device and cross-platform content consumption, purchase behaviours and influences, and the way they interact with brands.

    This year we have broken the report into two deliverables:

    1. In-And-Out-Of Home Report (available now!)

    2. Digital Dashboard (available now! Contact yo)ur account manager for more information. 

    Here you can purchase the In-And-Out of Home Report by following the prompts. The report focuses on three key questions marketers need to ask themselves:

    1. Do I have an in-home, multi-device plan?

    2. What are my consumers doing that allows me to be more relevant?

    3. How can I personalise my messaging to reach my consumers out of home?