• Global E-commerce & the New Retail Report - Q3 2014 - Malaysia Data

    Consumer, Online,Global | 28-Feb-2016

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    How do consumers around the world feel about the growing e-commerce industry? What shopping technologies are they most comfortable with? Our Global E-Commerce & the New Retail Survey provides insights into how consumers are using technology and other flexible retailing options to shop.

    Survey Data: Online and in-store digital technologies reshaping the FMCG retail landscape. Nielsen’s Q3 2014 Global E-commerce and the New Retail report and individual country results for Malaysia. The findings in the survey are based on respondents with online access and reflect claimed behavior.

    The Nielsen Global E-commerce and the New Retail Survey polled 30,000 online respondents in 60 countries to understand how digital technologies will shape the retail landscape of the future. We look at how consumers are using technology and offer insights about how retailers and manufacturers can use flexible retailing options to improve the shopping experience and drive increased visitation and sales across channels. We also examine retail sales data to determine how distribution and channel shopping preferences are changing around the world, and how that affects what the future of retailing look likes.

    Structure of the Report Contents:

    This report package includes the Global Summary Report as well as the individual survey response results for Malaysia. The survey responses are presented in Microsoft Excel tables and do not contain charts, graphics or additional analysis.


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