• Media Spending Report: TeleCommunication | December 2015

    CONSUMER, online | 29-Jan-2016

    AUD $5,885.00 (including GST)

    An overview of the top line media strategies of the main players in Thailand's competitive arena at your finger-tip. This report providing you answers to the following questions:

    Who are the most important advertising spenders within telecommunication industry in Thailand?
    As an agency, are my clients among the top advertising spenders?
    As a media owner, what are my clients' potential?
    As an advertiser, how big is my market share?
    How are my advertising competitors positioned?
    Within and across which media types are the top advertising spenders investing their marketing budgets?
    How has this changed compared to the previous year?
    What are the central and most important media types prevalent in the telecommunication industry in Thailand and what advertising trends do they reveal?

    As investor, economic indicators are among the most closely watched pieces of news in the investment world and advertising expenditure is also a leading indicator for economic movement. It is one of powerful signals for invester to capitalized the opportunity. Keeping tab on the latest data allows you to spend less time chasing down these opportunities and more time taking advantage of them.


    • Total size of the advertising market value for the Automotive category
    • Top 10 brands group estimated ad spending
    • Ad Spend by media type for Total Category and per Spender

    Media spending monitoring collected advertisers and brands in key 11 above the line media (Free-to-aired TV, Digital TV, Cable/Satellite, Radio, Cinema, Outdoor, Transit, In-store, Newspapers, Magazine, and Internet)

    Details of output sample


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