• Bag or Byte Webinar | 2013

    Consumer | 08-Aug-2013

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    Shoppers face countless options along their journey: Female shoppers are inclined to go for fresh and convenient; the rising middle class in Southeast Asia yearn for something affordable yet aspirational. For the greying population, accessibility is critical. Across diverse Asia Pacific, what catches the shopper’s eye – is it packaging, placement, price or something more? This Nielsen Webinar presentation unveils key consumer insights and trends to help your business succeed:

    FROM ON HER MIND TO IN HER CART: Discover the values of the Asian female shopper and ultimately what makes her tick from wet markets to sophisticated shopping havens.

    FROM AFFORDABLE TO ASPIRATIONAL: Is your brand awakening to the rise of the emerging middle class in Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam? How can you accelerate your brand up the value chain and at what price?

    FROM SILVER TO GOLD: Appeal to the greying population through categories and channels that matter to them, and make gold out of the silver economy apparent in developed markets such as Singapore and Japan.

    FROM STORE TO SCREEN: How are you connecting with shoppers from brick to click and capturing sales across traditional stores, online, and via mobile screens?


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