• Shopper Trends Morocco

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    Nielsen Shopper Trends 2013/2014 – Morocco provides a comprehensive overview of FMCG retail environment trends, banner equity tracking and in-depth analysis of shopping patterns across markets and trade sectors. Findings from the study allow:

    to quantify market potential and assess market entry opportunities
    to benchmark your performance and understand strengths and weaknesses
    to develop strategies to increase shopper loyalty and spending

    to understand retailers’ business & build stronger relationships
    to build retailer-relevant marketing based on shopper insight to work with retailers’
    to improve shopper loyalty and store equity



    • Research objectives
    • Research design

    Study Results

    • Executive summary
    • Market context
    • Overall shopping behaviours
    • Brand equity model ‘Winning Brands’
    • The strength of retailer brands (SEI)
    • Attributes important for choice of retail chains
    • Images of retailers
    • Shopper-Retailer engagement level
    • Profiles of retailers’ main customers

    Additional Sections

    • Private labels
    • Segmentation

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